berlin tempelhof gardens _

355hectare green space in the center of Berlin – that was once a city’s main airport. Now on summer days the vast runways scattered with skateboarders, the airfield crammed with family barbecues and the air dotted with kites rather than place.



coachella festival _

coachella valley – music and arts festival – California (US)



airwaves festival _

It’s 4 a.m. You’ve been to five cool clubs, seen ten great bands, made fifteen new friends and fallen in love twenty times. You’re tired. You’re wired. You’re ready to find a bed. You’re ready to find the after-party. You can’t believe you’re here. You’re already making plans to come back next year. And guess what? It’s still Day One.

Since the first edition was held in 1999 (in an airplane hangar), Iceland Airwaves has become one of the premier annual showcases for new music – Icelandic and otherwise – in the world. It’s made a heap of friends and won many fans along the way, and been lavished with praise pretty much everywhere they write about music. Example: Rolling Stone magazine called it “The hippest long weekend on the annual music-festival calendar.”

Some of the world’s most exciting artists have performed there, too. The Shins, The Rapture, TV On The Radio, Florence and the Machine, Klaxons, Hot Chip, Flaming Lips, Wolf Parade, Bloc Party and Fatboy Slim have made the short hop from Europe or North America to share the stages with Iceland’s finest talents, including bands such as Björk, Sigur Rós, FM Belfast, GusGus, múm, Of Monsters and Men and Seabear, to name but a few. And when the live bands have done their thing, top DJs from all over the world spin across the city until the crack of dawn.

But there’s more to Airwaves than music. Reykjavík is quite possibly the perfect festival city – small enough to be welcoming, sophisticated enough to offer cultural, historical and nightlife diversions to rival cities ten times its size. Maybe twenty. Who knows? And it’s surrounded by some of the most unique and astonishing natural beauty you’re ever likely to see (this is a grand statement, but you should just see it).

Roll out of bed, hose the party remains out of your hair and hop on a bus. Before you can remember what you did the night before, you’re looking at geysers, waterfalls, lava fields – all the best that a volcanic island has to offer, including the world-famous Blue Lagoon, favorite soaking spot of the international hung-over glitterati. Mmm! You can really taste the hipster!

With inclusive package tours from major international gateways starting at less than you might expect to pay for airfare alone, getting neck deep in one of the hottest, coolest music festivals anywhere is maybe just a little too easy. Poke around the site, sign up for email updates, check the prices from your neck of the woods, and read about what’s in store for 2014. Then come and join the party.
Welcome to Iceland. Welcome to Iceland Airwaves!


Yacht balaton _

A Yacht Balaton egy új típusú balatoni fesztivál, ami nappal vízen este pedig a szárazföldön zajlik.
Képzeld el, hogy baráti csapatok érkeznek 40-50 vitorláson, majd összekötve a nyílt vizen egy óriási vizi partin megy a buli napnyugtáig a legjobb house zenékre.
A nappali vitorlázás, napozás, pancsolás és tánc után a buli folytatódik a parton ahol természetesen azokat is szeretettel várjuk akik hajó nélkül, csak erre a részre érkeznek meg.

Snowboard garden festival 2014 _

Film Festival – Live Music – Expo & Action
Salon glisse & stations / Bars & Food Truck / Animations & Initiations


Citymatiné – márkás majális _

CityMatiné is an open air – daytime party series based in Budapest Hungary, moving around the city’s best open air venues, playing the smoothest of music, and providing the finest BBQ in town.

The residents of the series are Sobek, Captain Knuckles and the Monolit duo. We also invite other talented hungarian DJs, and from the third season internationally renowned guests such as La Fleur, Sebo K and Gorge.

The day is long, play it all.

All Day Long
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