earthship biotecture _

“. . . the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction.
No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building.”


urban future lab _

The Urban Future Lab (UFL) is a marriage of the city’s premiere clean and resilient tech incubator with a state-of-the-art exhibition space, and is dedicated to envisioning and realizing innovation in the cleantech sector, with a particular focus on energy, sustainable urban infrastructure, water, transportation, waste, air quality. Located on the top floor of 15 MetroTech in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, the UFL will offer exhibitions, lectures, training sessions, meetings, and other events for an engaged audience of decision-makers and trade groups.


levi’s waste less _

By reimagining the design process, this limited edition ecocycle X levi’s 501 waste less jean is a result of our collective commitmentto making less impact of the planet. It’s clothing you can feel good in and feel good about.


brooklyn grange _

Brooklyn Grange’s farms include two rooftop vegetable farms, totaling 2.5 acres and producing over 50,000 lbs of organically-grown vegetables each year. We also operate New York City’s largest apiary, with over 30 naturally-managed honey bee hives.


recreativity social enterprise _

ReCreativity is a social enterprise & we are a group of young people who are not only talking about recycling, we DO recycle!

A ReCreativity napjaink sokat emlegetett témáit, a környezet védelmét és a fenntarthatóságot fogalmazza meg. Küldetésünk, hogy könnyen elkészíthető tárgyakon keresztül juttassuk el az emberekhez a kreatív újrahasznosítás gondolatát és gyakorlatát.

The aim of Re:Creativity is to put enviroment and sustanibility in a shape where people can understand and connect to their daily life. These concepts – such as sustanibility or enviromental changes – are part of our life and gets more and more attention but many time people – particulary kids – do not know what to do with it.

ReCreativity is a social enterprise that provides programs with the tool of creative recycling, in
order that participants build creative solutions in their everyday life and in the mean time inquire

environmental awareness.


Honda Type R _

Kreatív concept number 1!


gopro hero 4 _

High-definition personal cameras, often used in extreme action video photography. They are compact, lightweight, rugged, and are wearable or mountable on vehicles. The cameras capture still photos or video in HD through a wide-angle lens, and can be configured to work automatically with minimum intervention, or remotely controlled.


In September 2014 GoPro announced the HERO4, available in Black Edition and Silver Edition, which replace their respective Hero3+ generation predecessors. The Hero, a budget camera, was also announced.

The HERO4 Black Edition still has a 12mp CMOS and a f/2.8 fixed maximum aperture. It adds Bluetooth connectivity, and a new processor claimed by GoPro to be twice as fast as that of the HERO3+ Black Edition, doubling the frame rates in most resolutions. The HERO4 Black Edition can record 4K video at a frame rate of 24, 25 and 30 fps. In Superview mode, 4k is only possible at 25 fps. Many other rates and resolutions are available. The Hero4 Black Edition still shoots stills at a maximum of 12MP with a maximum burst rate of 30 fps. With Wi-Fi disabled at 4k/30 the Hero4 Black Edition battery life is claimed by GoPro to be 65 minutes, increasing to a maximum of 1h 50′ at 720p/120. The HERO4 Black battery is rated at 3.8v, 1160mAh, 4.4Wh in a different form factor than its predecessors. Initial side-by-side comparisons of HERO3+ and HERO4 Black edition video results suggest that the newer model has more detail at long range, and similar performance at close range.

The Hero4 Silver Edition is basically a Hero3+ Black with the addition of a touch screen, the first GoPro with this. The HERO4 Silver supports Wi-Fi and also includes Bluetooth as in the HERO4 Black.

The Hero4 models maintains the H.264 video codec of previous versions and MP4 file formats. GoPro claims the mono microphone in both the Black and Silver Editions have twice the dynamic range of the Hero3+, and that the HERO4 Black and Silver Editions have improved low light performance.

The GoPro HERO was released at the same time as the HERO4, with a 5MP still camera and the same video resolutions as the HERO3 White Edition, carried over from the HD HERO model of 2010.


milonga _

Cafe Twin presents Milonga
a short film by Enrica Citoni, Bruno Brunetta
cinematography Aurelio Vindigni Ricca
with Enrica Citoni


Leica 100 years _

Ad celebrates 100 years of Leica with stunning recreations of iconic photos.